To foster a corporate culture that is built on trust, open communication, commitment and accountability. We employ various labor management techniques to successfully manage all your cleaning requirements. We are a reliable best practices type of company, consistently developing and implementing facility, operational efficiency and training improvements that go a long way to manage quality custodial programs. We are excited to provide a valuable client focused business strategy, which revolves around maintaining quality relationships, maximizing profitability, reducing costs and minimizing preventable liability issues through various risk mitigation methods.

We are associated to your cleaning regiment, so that you can focus on higher priorities. We are competent and committed to perform all related tasks of your cleaning regiment; including the managing, supervising, inspecting, inventorying, staffing, training, payroll, HR, administration, scheduling, reporting, documentation and ultimately the cleaning of your facility.


INTEGRITY – We are fixated on long term goals and won’t compromise our integrity, values or priorities to achieve short term success. Surecare’s business foundation relies on building and cultivating strong relationships with our staff, customers, partners and vendors and we hold ourselves and staff to the highest standards of ethics, honesty, respect, commitment and accountability.

PROFESSIONALISM – We see through the eyes of our customers, shareholders, communities and employees and are always researching and developing and investing in world class systems, training and technologies in order to exceed expectations and increase consumer value. This continuous development provides a stronger more professional and capable work force, with the direct added benefits being passed on to our valued clients.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – We earn our customer base through the relentlessness pursuit of knowledge, continuous improvement and innovation we provide customer satisfaction surveys and use industry input to increase our level of service and help us to improve as a company. Our strict adherence to strategic, operational and organizational methods and our willingness to go the extra mile to exceed our client’s expectations.


      • We have 180 hardworking, trained and dedicated employees who have garnered us an excellent reputation for consistently exceeding our client’s expectations by providing great cleaning results and working in conjunction with our commonly shared company vision.
      • Our staff are dedicated to providing exemplary customer service and maintaining a high standard of job performance.
      • We achieve this through quality hiring practices, training, accountability, regular site inspections, timely analytical reporting measures and brand standard audit protocols, all of which dramatically improves operational standards.
      • We recognize and reward outstanding achievement and develop and promote from within.
      • We provide our staff with ongoing opportunities for growth and advancement, and support their overall well-being.
      • We recognize the many positive benefits and attributes associated with positive recruiting, formal background checks thorough training, and rewarding and promoting outstanding people who are professional and accountable.
      • While providing a stronger more professional and capable work force, with the direct added benefits being passed on to our valued clients.

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